The Benefits of Sweating Part 2

Sweat is a natural part of far infrared therapy with our mats. 

Our high-quality mats utilize far infrared rays to heat up the body. This comes with so many incredible benefits, including a stronger immune system, improved cardiovascular function, pain relief and so much more, but it also leads to sweating. The good news is that, while sweating may have a bad reputation, it is a healthy, normal part of life, and it is actually very beneficial. Check out our last blog to learn about a few of the benefits of sweating, and keep reading to learn more:

#4. Sweating lowers your risk for kidney stones.

Kidneys stones are formed from a build up of calcium and salt in the kidneys, but luckily, sweating actually helps to retain the calcium in your bones and rids your body of excess salt. People who sweat a lot also tend to drink more water and other fluids, wich can also help to prevent kidney stones.

#5. Sweating is a natural antibiotic. 

Researchers from the University of Michigan have found that sweat glands actually play an important role in the body’s wound healing process. Eccrine glands actually store adult stem cells, which help to aid in wound healing. Additionally, antibiotic agents, including dermcidin, are secreted from the sweat glands.

#6. Sweating helps to relieve pain. 

As we mentioned in our last blog, physical activity is often a precursor of sweating. Not only do the endorphins released from physical activity help to boost the mood, they can also help you find natural pain relief.

Start experiencing the benefits of sweating by order your mat today!