About The CEO

Many years getting to this point, I am proud to be the founder and CEO of Sensible Decisions, Inc. I now dedicate my time and energy to a mission I am passionate about – making my personal favorite, natural health solution, broadly available at an affordable price.  My far infrared radiant heat mat completely changed my life personally and now does the same for hundreds of others by actual testimony. I still do my own customer service and I love hearing from customers; it makes my day!

As an entrepreneur, I started my first business in 1990 at the age of 40, wholesaling costume jewelry and sold that business for a nice profit a few years later. In 2000, I started my next business in the health and wellness arena. This began my quest for alternative treatments to drugs and surgery. I spent many years promoting alternative health care options and prevention in the form of corporate health fairs. It’s amazing to me how many alternative/natural solutions exist to resolve physical problems without the use of drugs or surgery for many maladies.

When I started Sensible Decisions, Inc., I was looking for a solution for my own neck and back pain from sitting in front of the computer for too many years. I was truly amazed at how quickly the far infrared mat could alleviate soft tissue pain. I can truly say I now have my dream job, since my product helps so many other people as well, which is very rewarding! I regularly post some of the alternatives I find on my Facebook fan page so come on over and “LIKE” me Charmed FIR Mats

Sensible Decision’s success with Charmed FIR Mats and Radiant FIR Mats has also allowed me to support activities and organizations, which I really care about. I support a stellar, international literacy program that brings opportunity to kids that may well have failed otherwise.  I firmly believe that an individual has the potential to solve any problem when he/she has an education. Illiteracy is the bane of man’s existence and has been for centuries.  I also contribute financial support to the largest non-government drug education program in the world, another scourge for society. And, very near and dear to my heart, I support extreme dog rescues. I have adopted two severely traumatized dogs. Saving their lives was most rewarding for me as well as for them.

I am an avid reader of both fiction and non-fiction. Some of my current favorites are: Ann Rule, Sandra Brown, Ken Follett, David Baldacci, James Patterson and Lee Child. My favorite non-fiction recently was Up from Slavery, an autobiography of Booker T. Washington’s life. What an amazing man with incredible insight.

As a world traveler, I have visited 4 continents and lived on 3: North America, Europe and Asia. I lived in Saudi Arabia prior to the Gulf War for a year and a half. It was incredibly biblical and I found the people there to be very warm. It was truly an amazing experience I will fondly remember while sitting on my porch in a rocking chair when I get old!

I also lived in Northern England (Leeds) for a year and a half, expecting it to be on par with the United States, which I found not to be the case. At the time, they were very much behind us in selection, amenities and opportunities. The socialized medicine cost a fortune, as does subsidized housing, with a payroll tax rate of 50%. After living in England, I learned to truly appreciate the abundance and opportunity that is available in the United States. Life can be hard for some here, but the USA has opportunities that I never saw overseas.

I wish you success with the products you choose from Sensible Decisions, Inc.  I am always happy to hear about successful results achieved and I am always available to take your questions.

Barbara Carmichael                                                                                                                                                                           212-397-1574                                                                                                                                                                                     CEO Sensible Decisions, Inc.