About The CEO

A Personal Journey to Wellness: From Sensible Decisions, Inc. Founder – Your Wellness Advocate!

Hello, I’m the proud founder and CEO of Sensible Decisions, Inc., where my mission is to share my favorite natural health solution – the far infrared radiant heat mat. This incredible product transformed my life and continues to positively impact many others.

My entrepreneurial journey began in 1990 with a successful venture into costume jewelry. In 2000, I shifted focus to health and wellness, sparking my interest in natural, drug-free treatments. This path led me to corporate health fairs, promoting alternative health care and prevention.

Sensible Decisions, Inc. was born out of my struggle with neck and back pain due to long hours at the computer. Discovering the far infrared mat was a revelation, offering quick relief from soft tissue pain. It’s fulfilling to know that this product is helping not just me but many others, too. I enjoy engaging with our customers personally, and you can even find me sharing health alternatives on our Facebook page, Charmed FIR Mats.

Sensible Decisions’ success with Charmed FIR Mats has enabled me to support causes close to my heart. I’m passionate about funding literacy programs, drug education initiatives, and extreme dog rescues, having personally adopted two traumatized dogs.

As an avid reader, I enjoy works by authors like Ann Rule and Ken Follett, and I’m inspired by autobiographies like Booker T. Washington’s “Up from Slavery.” Traveling is another passion of mine, having lived on three continents and visited four. Each place, from Saudi Arabia to Northern England, has offered unique experiences and perspectives.

I appreciate the opportunities and abundance available in the USA, recognizing the differences I’ve seen in other countries. I look forward to hearing about your experiences with Sensible Decisions’ products and am always here to answer your questions. I wish you success and wellness on your journey.

Barbara Carmichael
CEO Sensible Decisions, Inc.