Inducing Fever for Better Health and Well-being

Charmed FIR Mats™, created by LA based firm Sensible Decisions, Inc., is an FDA registered device which has been designed to help people with day-to-day relief of pain and discomfort. Using the healing forces of far infrared heat therapy combined with negative ions created by amethyst and tourmaline gemstones, this highly developed mat can help to significantly enhance well-being and improve day-to-day living.

Charmed FIR Mat can be used for many positive health benefits. An obvious use for the FIR mat is in the treatment of joint and muscle pain associated with conditions such as arthritis, chronic inflammation, ongoing treatment of back pain, muscle dysfunction, plus help to improve circulation, metabolism and detoxify the body. This type of heat therapy penetrates deep into the tissue layers, effectively removing tension and relaxing the body. Even people not suffering from these types of conditions can still experience positive health benefit such as improved circulation, enhanced metabolism, and detoxification.

When used at higher temperatures, far infrared rays can create a false fever in the body with its deeply penetrating heat going 4”- 6” into the body. A fever, even slight, stimulates the immune system into producing more white blood cells, antibodies, and a protein called interferon, all of which work to protect your body against harmful microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites.  

A fever is simply any elevated temperature, which is above what is normal for you. Just a 1 or 2 degree increase can produce very healing effects while also increasing the metabolism.

This comfortable and flexible mat can be used while sleeping, resting, or sitting.  The recommended use is for a minimum of an hour at least several times a week, or as directed by a health practitioner. 

Since the release of the Charmed FIR Mat, the consumer feedback has been exceptional, with consistent 5-star customer reviews.  The following feedback is representative of all the reviews Sensible Decisions, Inc. has been receiving.

 “This product has immensely helped my health. I’ve been super impressed with the noted health benefits for an autoimmune condition and muscle/joint pain.   I sleep with it on a low setting and wake up feeling more refreshed than I have for years. It actually stimulates the cells rather than traditional heating pads that only heat the skin.”

Anyone interested in the Charmed FIR Mat can find more information Free shipping is available nationwide for convenient purchasing options.

We have had a fantastic response since our product launch several years ago, with so many people embracing our new FIR mat”, said CEO and founder of Sensible Decisions, Inc., Barbara Carmichael. “One of the major restricting factors that prevent people from using FIR mats has been their cost. Now with our special price offer, you can save even further”, added Ms. Carmichael.

Charmed FIR Mat

Currently the Charmed FIR Mat is on sale for the low price of $299.00 with FREE shipping costs to any location in the United States. Stock is selling rapidly and customers will have to act quickly to not miss out on this low price.

You don’t just feel better you ARE better. 

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