The New Wave of PEMF Therapy

Sensible Decisions, Inc. has worked incredibly hard to make their NEW Medi PEMF FIR Mat affordale and the best possible quality.  The Medi PEMF FIR Mat has 4 built in therapies.  Information on each one is as follows:

PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency)

Magnetic fields have been used therapeutically as early as 4000 BC. Today there is rapidly growing evidence to support magnetic stimulation of the body, particularly with high intensity pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMFs). These waves penetrate deeply into your body tissues and change the way your body copes with pain. 

The FDA has already approved PEMFs for fusing broken bones, depression and post-operative pain and swelling. 

Inside the mat are electrical coils and when electricity passes through them, they create a moving or pulsed magnetic field that goes deep into your body. When you pass magnetic fields through your body you get deep healing. 

FAR Infrared Therapy – Hot Gem Stones

Amethyst stones

In the Medi PEMF mat there are over 10lbs of natural amethyst and tourmaline crystal stones that when heated gently elevate your body’s surface temperature. 

When the infrared mat induces a small temperature increase in the body, it enhances your body’s functioning on a variety of levels. These invisible energy waves will penetrate all layers of your body, reaching into the inner-most areas of your tissues, bone and muscle. Radiant infrared heat will actually heat you up directly, rather than just warming the air around you like a conventional heating pad would do.

Far infrared heat (otherwise known as radiant heat) helps to alleviate pain more effectively than less absorbent, topical heat, helping to heal, soothe, detox and stimulate your body.

Negative Ion Therapy

If you went blank in your chemistry class when your teacher started to talk about ions, here is a simple explanation!  Going to the very basics, everything in the physical world is made up of atoms.  An ion is basically a group of atoms which has an electrical charge. Ions can be positively charged or negatively charged. 

With electricity passing through amethyst and tourmaline gemstones they release a large volume of negative ions into your body.  These ions are very good for the human body. When the ions reach our blood stream, they start producing biochemical reactions which help to relieve stress and give relaxation to your body while combating the negative effects of free radicals and positive ions. It also helps decrease depression and boosts one’s positive energy.

Tourmaline Stones

Both negative ions and infrared heat go into your body through the thick layer of these natural crystals covering the surface of the mat’s construction.   The deeply penetrating heat is very relaxing, soothing stressed muscles and reduces pain and chronic inflammation.

Photon Red Light Therapy

Again, if Chemistry wasn’t your best subject, a photon is energy from light. Red lights of a particular wavelength have been shown to have beneficial effects on the body. Photon light therapy stimulates your body in a way that medication is unable to accomplish. Incorporating photon light therapy in your daily wellness maintenance routine in addition to PEMF, FIR and Negative Ions will strengthen your body’s natural ability to fight back against invasive, harmful agents in your life. 

You can tell the PEMF waves are being created by using the test capsule that came with your mat. Simply place the capsule in the middle of the mat and turn the mat to PEMF and watch the result to know that this is real and working. The tiny particle inside the test capsule will vibrate giving you visual evidence of PEMF waves rising from your mat.

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