When to Use Heat Therapy

How does heat therapy work?

At Charmed FIR Mats, we offer a variety of far infrared mats that can get you the heat therapy that you need, but how exactly does heat therapy work? Heat helps to heal the body by opening up the blood vessels. This increases the flow of blood, which also leads to an increase in the supply of nutrients and oxygen to your joints, ligaments, muscles and tendons. Additionally, heat will help to increase your range of motion, decrease any muscle spasms you may be experiencing and relieve your pain.

When should you use heat therapy?

While heat therapy can be incredibly effective, in some situations, cold therapy is a more appropriate treatment option. Heat therapy is generally a more effective treatment for relaxing painful joints and easing sore muscles. It is also a great solution for chronic pain and older injuries. Our far infrared mats are a great option for heat therapy because far infrared rays can penetrate deep into your body, without harming your skin. Although heat therapy can be a wonderful option for many issues and injuries, it is important to know when not to use it. Acute injuries should never be treated with heat therapy, as it can actually increase inflammation and, therefore, delay the healing process.

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