Understanding Far Infrared Therapy

What are far infrared rays?

Before you can understand what far infrared rays are, you need to understand what infrared is. Infrared is actually a light band that is invisible and perceived as heat. Over half of the energy that the sun emits is infrared radiation, also called radiant heat, and it is dived into three sections, which are far, middle and near. Through a process, called conversion, the far infrared heat penetrates organic substances, including the human body, without heating the air.

What makes far infrared therapy different than other heat therapies?

Heat therapy has been used throughout history to treat a variety of diseases and other health issues. When the temperature is raised in the body, it allows the body to work at its optimal level. A good example of this is a fever. When you are sick, your body’s temperature automatically rises. This helps the body to gain an advantage over any infectious agents that may be affecting it, including bacteria and viruses. Heat therapy has been used for years, and there are many ways to get heat therapy, including heating pads, saunas, etc., but none of these can compare to far infrared therapy. Far infrared heat is more effective therapeutically because it can penetrate deep into the body without causing overheating or discomfort to the skin.

Now that you understand what far infrared rays are and how they may help therapeutically, it’s time to find the right far infrared therapy for you. At Charmed FIR Mats, we offer a variety of far infrared products that can help you achieve the results you are looking for. Visit our site to learn more.