How Do I Use My Charmed Far Infrared Mat?

To connect the temperature controller to your mat, hold a plug in each hand and press together following the pattern on the plugs. Plug into the mat before you plug into the wall. It is a very tight fit so push hard to ensure you push it all the way in. If it is not all the way in when you plug it into the wall you will get an “E2” or “OF” on the controller display window. This means it is not fully connected.

To disconnect the controller from the mat hold firmly to each end of the plug. NEVER pull by the cord as the plugs fit tightly and you risk damaging your cord.

CONTROLLER: Plug your mat in first and then plug it into the wall to activate the sensor. Turn your mat on and set it to the desired temperature by turning the dial. Your display will first show what you are setting the thermostat at and will then drop down to what the temperature actually is. Your controller is in Celsius. See the chart below for the conversion table.

Then press the timer button to set the desired shut off time till the desired option is shown in the display window i.e. 1 hrs, 4 hrs, or 8 hrs.  Each time you press the button additional hours will be added and your mat will turn off on schedule.


If you have a sensitive body, you may want to gradually increase the length of time on your mat and/or temperature increases.

Our mat produces zero electromagnetic field (EMF) emissions due to our multi-wire heating system protected by Teflon and copper netting, eliminating all EMF exposure.

The Charmed or Radiant FIR Mat is typically used for 30 minutes to 2-hour sessions while sitting in a chair, reading a book, watching TV, or just closing your eyes and relaxing before bed.

The more you use it, the more benefit you will gain, but the choice is yours. You can sleep on the FIR Mat all night if you choose. Just keep it at a comfortable temperature for sleep without sweating.

Protecting your mat is easy. We recommend when sleeping on your FIR mat you put it underneath your mattress pad for additional cushioning. If using your mat elsewhere, cover with a fluffy towel, which is easily washed. However, our mats are stain resistant and will wipe off easily with a damp cloth.