Our Far Infrared Mat Warranty

Your far infrared product comes with the following warranty;

NOTE: ALL 110 volt mats sold in countries using 220 volts are thru UNAUTHORIZED SELLERS and are not covered under our warranty. 

All regular and wide mini mats (20″X31″) and professional size mats (26.5″X72″) come with a full 2-YEAR WARRANTY from date of purchase against any defect or malfunction.

The small mini mat (20″X21″) has a 1 YEAR WARRANTY.

Controllers sold separately have a 1 YEAR WARRANTY.

If your mat controller malfunctions outside of the warranty period, these are readily available for purchase on our site.

If your Charmed FIR Mat does not live up to your expectations, you have 30 days to return it for any reason!

Shipping is not free outside of the USA.

Proof of purchase may be required.

Please fill in each line to activate your warranty.