What Our Customers Say About Our Mats!

Our far infrared mats have helped so many people, but don’t take our word for it! Here are several real-life customer reviews about our amethyst mats:

Just wanted to follow up with you and let you know that I absolutely love my mats! They have significantly helped with my arthritis. I have also noticed a significant increase in my energy level and my disposition, perfect for the wintertime blues. Can’t thank you enough for recommending 2 mats. They work perfectly for me and my husband who was sceptical of them enjoys using them too. Also, my 13-year-old dog who suffers terribly from arthritis loves laying on one on the couch in the evenings! I did post a review and of course gave the mats five stars! Thanks again


I bought one but my older sister won’t get off mine. So I would like to purchase another. You have made two old ladies very happy. I now call it my Zanex mat so relaxing and my sister said it made her bones feel ten years younger…..


Absolutely worth every penny! Do your research on Far infrared Rays (FIR), negative ions and amethyst. I feel amazing in every way. It has decreased my anxiety, depression and multiple sclerosis symptoms. It has increased my metabolism, energy, and helps alleviate muscle pain. I can go on and on but you’re not going to believe me until you try it. So do your mind and body a favor and buy one!


This product has immensely helped my health. I’ve been super impressed with the noted health benefits for an autoimmune condition and muscle/joint pain. Thank you Charmed FIR Mats!!! I sleep with it on a low setting and wake up feeling more refreshed than I have for years. It actually stimulates the cells rather than traditional heating pads that only heat the skin.


This mat is so amazing, distresses my body, helps me sleep and relieves my back and hip pain. Improves my circulation and best of all its portable….. goes anywhere even to my office chair at work. Love it now can’t live without….


I am so pleased with this product. I especially like the fact that you can set the temperature by single degrees so that you can have it as close to body temperature without being too warm. While the dial is set to celsius degrees, they sent along a conversion chart with the instructions so no need to do that formula you learned in high school chemistry about a thousand years ago. I’m finding that using this mat just before I go to bed, has definitely improved the quality of my sleep. I’m no longer waking up every couple of hours and my sleep is much deeper than it has been for years. My sister is a licensed acupuncturist and has been using a Far Infrared Device on her patients for years, and has her own Mini Mat and a full sized mat for her treatment table. I was especially pleased to find this product on Amazon for a lot less than I found on other websites. I haven’t had this product long enough to judge the long-term benefits, but I’m sure I will get many years use out of it.


My daughter has sometimes severe back pain that hasn’t responded well to medication. This product has provided relief when other things haven’t worked. Well worth the cost.


I look forward ending my day with the mat knowing that there are many health benefits. I will be a lifetime user and only wished I discovered it sooner. Thank you Sensible Decisions, Inc.


Since I received my mat and sleep on it every night, I look forward to going to bed to snuggle in and get my dose of healing energy. I wake up feeling refreshed, and it has definitely helped with my arthritis pain and stiffness. I know it is working on a deeper, hidden level and balancing my body in ways that are gently emerging. Before I bought my mat I searched the Internet for reviews and wondered if it was a scam, or could cause damage. I didn’t find any negative reviews or articles about it. And the research that has been done is very promising. Light therapy (and the use of far infared rays, amethyst crystals and negative ions) is an emerging field and we are just in the early phases of understanding it. I am looking forward to what will come in the future in this exciting field of healing!! I would recommend the mat for everyone!!


As a RN, wellness consultant, massage & integrative therapies practitioner I’m always looking for something to help keep myself (and my clients) in vibrant health. I’ve seen these mats for years but never at this price. I was a bit hesitant since “you get what you pay for”. After a week or so, I am very pleased with this mat. I’ve slept on it a few times due to low back discomfort and find that it is really helping!
Thanks for this tool – can’t wait to use it on my massage table.


I bought this mat for a friend dealing with cancer, and now chemo side effects. She loves it. It makes her feel much better overall. Relieves pain, encourages circulation, and there’s the “hyperthermia” thing, which is supposed to kill cancer cells. I used it once myself, and did really well in a 5k race the next day. If you’re sceptical, try a mat at a spa-type place…it’s the same thing.


You must have one for your health when your body needs help. This is one item you can go to for assistance. At a certain age we need to work on restoration and rejuvenation. I danced for many years and this mat is my blessing! Thank you for the good price!


Received item quickly. Relaxing and rejuvenating. Heats up quickly and provides an overall feeling of well-being. Well worth the price!!


Love the mini mat. It’s so portable that I take it on driving trips. I purchased one for my husband and now he wouldn’t be without it.

Debbie Buckley

LOVE it! It has helped immensely with my fibromyalgia and helps me sleep. Very relaxing as well.

Cindy Virhoek

Love this mat. It’s perfect for sore muscles and obtaining an inner peace. I was a bit concerned at first with it being made in China, but I have found it is very well constructed with soft material and despite being filled with amethyst chips it is very flexible. The power cord length is adequate but could be longer. Each use leaves me feeling grounded, destressed and feeling an inner peace and strength. Customer service of seller was exceptional. She quickly and thoroughly answered all of my questions. Shipping and delivery was very quick as well.

Michelle L

This Infrared Mat is truly amazing. A year ago I came down with Reiter,s (Reactive Arthritis). Very painful. Just purchased this Mat and I am using it every day since. Let me tell you not even the heavy duty painkillers relieved my pain like this product. I am also using it an hour before bedtime and I am sleeping like a baby. I am off sleeping pills ever since.
My husband (the sceptic) started using it for his back pain and feels immediate relieve. I also was amazed about the wonderful customer service. My first Mat developed a little hiccup after 30 days and I had to return it. Barbara responded to my e-mail in minutes and phone calls were returned immediately and in no time I got a brand new Mat by special delivery at no charge. To me this kind of customer service is very important.

Heidi Risk

Owning the amethyst mat has been one of my long awaited wish since I have experienced it’s amazing effects more than decades ago! With your generous offer of affordable price was a key to push me forward. 1 year warranty of any defect or malfunction adds a peace of mind

Naoka Tuttle

I love it. I sleep on it every night. Make my back so much better . Can’t say enough I just love it!

John Hull

I bought this for myself and for my dog who is in remission from cancer. We both sleep on it at lower temperatures mostly, but use it for shorter periods of time on higher temperatures too! It is very therapeutic & we both love it! The seller has excellent customer service and I received my mat quickly!


This pad is amazing. My girlfriend was talking about getting one for so long, and as soon as this arrived we both have been using it regularly. It makes a world of a difference!