Safety Precautions for Far Infrared Therapy

Our far infrared mats have been carefully engineered for both effectiveness and safety. However, basic safety precautions should always be observed when using any electrical device. Before utilizing far infrared therapy, please read the section below and follow the safety instructions carefully.

There are very few side effects arising from the use of a far infrared mat, however, if you are under a doctor’s care and taking medication, you may want to consult your physician.

1. Usage precautions

  • This product should never be used by incapacitated persons.
  • This product should never be used with infants.
  • This product should never be used on heat sensitive skin; especially the face or skin that is not sensitive to temperature change.
  • This product should never be used with liniments, salves or ointments that contain heat-producing ingredients, unless recommended by a professional. Skin burns could result.
  • This product should never be used by Fentanyl users.
  • This product should not be used above 95° if skin or nerves are hypersensitive due to conditions, such as lupus. The lowest temperatures are always best which allow negative ions to be absorbed
    into the body, not the heat.
  • This product should never be used on acute musculoskeletal injuries, which should generally be treated with ice. After the first 48 hours, or when the hot and swollen symptoms start to subside, heat can be applied with good result. Always best however to consult your physician.
  • This product should never be used if you take Corticosteroids without consulting your physician first as you may experience redness of the skin.
  • This product should never be used by Hemophiliacs or those predisposed to hemorrhage. FIR induces vasodilation that can lead to a tendency to bleed.


The best way to keep your mat clean is by keeping it covered whenever you are using it. If you sleep on it, simply keep it under your mattress pad. If you do need to wipe a spot off, make sure your device is unplugged from the wall socket and wipe down with a damp cloth. Do not use any chemical cleaners on your mat. Always store in a cool dry place. Do not put heavy or sharp objects on your mat when storing, or at any time.